How do I set up an account for The Spot on Gingr?

To set up an account follow the register buttons under Boarding, Playcare, or Grooming tabs on our website. Enter your information in the required slots. The next page will have a “Click here” button to then enter your dog’s information, including the ability to upload their vaccination records. (must provide current vaccination records)

You can also download the Gingr App for Pet Parents, which is a fast and easy way to make reservations, update your profile, purchase packages, live view on the iDog cameras, etc. 

The Spot Training Facility invite code is 952323.

What vaccines do we require?

We require all dogs to be up to date on Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies vaccinations. (Vaccinations must not expire during the boarding period) This includes dogs coming in for grooming or training. We do require a 48-hour waiting period from vaccine administration, before your pet can join us at The Spot.  (In case your pet has a negative reaction to their vaccines, such as soreness or upset stomach.

What is the difference between a half day of playcare vs a full day?

A Half Day of Playcare is 4 hours, any time during our hours of operation.  Our Full Day Playcare (only $9.99 more!) allows for a full day of play, from open to close hours, or any time in between.

Do you require a deposit?

To make a reservation for Boarding or Grooming, we do require a $20.00 non-refundable deposit.  Your deposit will be applied towards your check-out total.

What is the process for check-in and check-out?

Please bring in your pet’s physical up-to-date vaccination records.  At least at the first visit, and any time they are updated.  Your Vet can also email the records to SpotReception@klnfamilybrands.com.  Please ensure you give yourself at least 15 minutes to check in and check-out.  At check-in, we will review your file to ensure it’s up to date, inventory their personal items, and complete a nose to tail intake health exam on each incoming guest.  We want to ensure the health and safety of your pet as they come to stay, as well as the health and safety of our current guests!  At check-out, we will also complete a nose to tail health exam on the guest, as well as provide an in-person recap of their stay.  If you are having someone other than the listed owners pick up the guest, please ensure they are listed as Authorized Persons.  For the safety of your pet, we will only release our guests to people you have approved.

I have multiple dogs. May they board in the same suite?

For the comfort of your pets they may share a suite, and with a discounted rate! We limit the suites to two large dogs and three small dogs so that everyone has space to get cozy. One thing to consider when choosing how many suites you’ll need is if the pets need to be separated for feeding times. Our main kennels are 7’x4′ and Executive are 8’x5′ in size.  (*Prices listed below do not include tax or additional fees, and are subject to change)

Single Dog, Main Kennel:  $59.00/night

Two (2) Dogs, Main Kennel, Shared Kennel:  $99.58/night

Three (3) Dogs, Main Kennel, Shared Kennel:  $149.37/night

Single Dog, Exec Kennel:  $84.99/night

Two (2) Dogs, Exec Kennel, Shared Kennel:  $141.08/night

Three (3) Dogs, Exec Kennel, Shared Kennel:  $211.62/night

Should I bring our own food?

Please bring the food your dog eats for their normal diet.  We ask your pets’ food is pre-portioned. There is a $2.00/meal fee if not pre-portioned.  Zip-lock bags or the like work best to portion.  We also stock our full line of NutriSource products on hand and for sale!

Note:  Some dogs may be apprehensive to eat their food at first.  Please let us know.

May I bring bedding, toys or treats for my dog?

Yes! You can bring blankets, beds, or toys for your dogs. Items from home help make them relaxed and comfortable in their stay. Toys that are brought in for your dog will not be shared with other dogs and will be kept in their suites. If your pet chews on blankets we suggest leaving the blankets at home.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are bringing bones for your dog to chew on, we ask that they are non-splintering (non-splintering items include: pig ears, bully sticks, greenies, moose paddles, etc). We want to ensure your pet is safe and we will use discretion when leaving the chewables in their kennels.

I’ve never brought my dog to playcare before. How will you introduce them to other dogs?

We have four separate play areas to make introductions at your pets’ pace. We do not place a dog straight into a group without seeing how they play first. Pet safety is our number one priority.  Our Pawspitality Specialists are well versed in dog behavior and closely monitor the dogs, and adjust play groups accordingly to ensure a happy and healthy stay.  There will always be a Pawspitality Specialist(s) with the dogs during play time.

May I request a grooming for my dog, while they are here for boarding or playcare?

Absolutely!  The Spot boasts a top-of-the-line, full-service grooming salon on site.  To ensure the salon has availability for grooming, it is best to book an appointment ahead of time with our Groomers and Bathers.  We can have your pup all shined up and looking their best, for when they are ready to go home!

Do you allow intact/unaltered dogs?

Yes! We do allow intact/ unaltered dogs, but do charge an additional fee. An additional fee of $5 for playcare and $15 for boarding will be added to your stay. We however, do not allow a female in cycle. Please wait until your females’ cycle is over before bringing her in to see us.

How old does my puppy have to be before I can bring them to The Spot?

Due to the vaccine requirements listed above, we recommend waiting until approximately 4 months before your puppy comes in to play or stay.

I am looking for Training for my dog (and for me!). Where do I start?

You may schedule an Evaluation with our canine trainers. ($79.99) They will meet with you to discuss your wants, needs and expectations.  We will learn a bit about the handlers, as well as meet with the dog.  They will evaluate where your dog is currently at, and their possibilities and capabilities.  They will sit down with you to create a custom training plan that will meet your needs. If you choose to go forward with the training, the Evaluation cost is put toward your training package!

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