Dog Training

We truly believe there is no better place to train. Here at The Spot, we have a passionate, qualified, and ambitious team of trainers who know firsthand that training is a learning process for both the human and their canine companion, and that it takes teamwork to be successful.

Indoor Training Area

Our facility was created to be the ultimate training space, so teams can practice in a private, controlled environment until they are ready to face the challenges that come with public spaces.

Indoor Kitchen and Lounge Area Training Location

Featuring our very own kitchen, lounge area, and training space, each team will have an opportunity to learn skills that are transferrable beyond our walls.

Soldier’s 6

A dog can be so much more than just a human’s best friend. For military veterans and first responders, service dogs can play a crucial role in assisting those heroes as they navigate physical and emotional challenges of the next stages of their lives.

Soldier’s 6 mission is to provide honorably discharged veterans, police officers, and fire fighters with specially trained K-9’s. These special dogs will become their Battle Buddy and help guide them through the difficult days in life. They chose the name Soldier’s 6 because that is what a service dog has, it’s Battle Buddy’s 6 (or back).

Learn more about impact of Soldier’s 6.


How do I start?

All training will start with an evaluation session, this private introduction will be a time for us to learn more about you, your canine companion and what goals you have. From there, we’ll run through an assessment to gauge what training is needed and what that plan might look like.

How long does it take to train a dog?

Every team is different, and we customize each training plan to best fit your lifestyle and needs.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies per team, a 1-hour evaluation session is $79.99 and will be applied to the cost of training when a package is purchased.

Please call The Spot at 763-287-0340 for any other questions and to get started!

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