Our Purpose

Our “Why” is truly the idea, the heart, and the soul of The Spot. To quote Charlie Nelson, “Why are we here if we aren’t trying to make a difference?” Those are not only words of core beliefs, they are the actions that we commit to our community, to our families, and to our friends. We provide and foster a safe, healthy and encouraging environment to support our Veterans and First Responders on their path towards healing with the bond of their “Battle Buddy” through canine training.

“The weight of a uniform carries both many positive and often times a heavy toll on the person who has chosen to stand and don that uniform each day. It also births a family with a bond as strong as cold rolled steel. The Spot Training Facility is that family, and it is our vehicle to help deliver the “why” of what we do each and every day. Our mission is to provide expert service dog training to our veteran and first responder community, alongside their K9 “Battle Buddy”. We will walk hand in paw in hand with them and provide a safe, comfortable and low-stress environment during their journey towards healing. Our boarding, playcare and grooming services are a direct support towards the success of our mission. We will accomplish this by building a relationship of integrity and trust, and adding value to our community.”

— Chris Heikkila, The Spot General Manager

We know your pet is part of the family and when they’re here, they’re part of ours! Whether you’re going away for the weekend, the day, or an extended stay, we’re doggone committed to keeping your special family member happy and healthy!

The Spot offers a safe, healthy, and encouraging environment for you and your pet to train in a variety of settings, with the guidance of our passionate team. Our goal is to support our Veterans and First Responders on their journey towards healing through specialized canine training with their “Battle Buddy.”

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